Demon Warriors are an enemy found after the Flame Guardian. They are one of the most dangerous enemies in the game.

Attacks Edit

Meteors Edit

Calls down three giant meteors to strike the area where its target is. It seems to always begin the fight with this ability. Each hit deals 1500 damage, meaning that getting hit by this is almost a guaranteed death.

Dash Attack Edit

Rushes forward with an attack that slows and deals about 430 damage.

Wide Slash Edit

After a long wind-up, uses a slash that covers a huge area. Deals about 890 damage.

Strategy Edit

Use Sprint to dodge the meteor strikes, first. Then you need to watch for the dash attack. This is impossible to dodge if you are anywhere near the demon, so stand back if you are being targeted. If solo, try using a bow to attack.

Rewards Edit

Life Essence x 3