The Dreadlord is usually the second boss fought, and a significant difficulty jump from the first.

Attacks Edit

Lifesteal Edit

Upon hitting a hero with one of its melee attacks, the Dreadlord regains HP.

Attack Edit

Attacks quickly in front of the Dreadlord, dealing minor damage.

Heavy Attack Edit

After a short chargeup, attacks in front of the Dreadlord, dealing severe damage and stunning.

Charge Attack Edit

The Dreadlord rushes at a hero with extreme speed, trying to attack it. This ability is frequently used twice in rapid succession.

Dark Path Edit

The Dreadlord rushes towards a point in the arena, leaving behind dark nodes which explode after a small delay, dealing damage and stunning.

Strategy Edit

It's absolutely necessary that you team dodges attacks here. Tanking attacks will heal the Dreadlord and nullify any damage you may have done to it. You'll need to be Sprinting constant to avoid Charge Attacks, since they are too fast to evade with normal movement, so take time to recharge stamina after each of his attacks. If you want to be extra safe, wait until he uses Charge Attack or Dark Path and attack once or twice after it finishes, then retreat.

Rewards Edit

You will get the Claws artifact for beating the Dreadlord. These claws let you dig into the earth at certain points in the map, revealing treasures or warping to new areas.