Fire Lizards are a dangerous field enemy that deals huge damage if it strikes.

Attacks Edit

Fire Breath Edit

Spits a slow-moving fire blast straight ahead. After a few seconds, it explodes, releasing fast moving flames in many directions. Difficult to dodge.

Bite Edit

Bites the area in front of it, dealing extreme damage to any struck hero.

Strategy Edit

When initiating combat, the Lizard always uses Fire Breath once. Get behind the Lizard to reduce chances of it hitting you. Then, as it only uses Fire Blast when you are far from it, prepare to start dodging Bite. Even though this is just a generic attack, do not underestimate it because it deals a ridiculous amount of damage if it hits you. Every time it misses, hit the Lizard once or twice. It has low max HP, so you can kill it pretty quickly.

Rewards Edit