The Flame Champion is a boss found in the area past the Flame Guardian. He is an extremely challenging boss with a strong moveset.

Attacks Edit

Fire Bladestorm Edit

The boss uses a flaming bladestorm that accelerates towards the hero. After about 1.5 seconds, the bladestorm cancels and the boss dives towards the hero, using a quick flame dash. The bladestorm deals 300 damage per tick (about 0.50 seconds) and the flame attack deals 1000 damage. The fourth time he does this, the final attack is a leaping slash that deals large area damage.

Flame Dash Edit

Dashes towards the hero, dealing damage.

Blinkstrike Edit

The boss blinks behind the hero, opposite of the direction he is running in, and executes a flame dash.

Combo Attack Edit

Repeatedly strikes in front of the boss, moving towards the target. Ends with a flaming area attack.

Flame Dash Combo Edit

The boss dashes to a point beneath the hero, then dashes again towards the hero.

Double Attack Edit

Attacks twice in a row.

Strategy Edit

To dodge the fire bladestorm, you need to stand near the Flame Champion. If you stand too close, you will be hit by the bladestorm, but if you stand too far then the dash will not be avoidable.

When he uses Blinkstrike on you, you need to change the direction you're running by 90 degrees or you will be hit.

Rewards Edit