The Flame Guardian is an upgraded version of the Guardian boss, fought near the Fire Lizard area. This boss is significantly more difficult than the first Guardian, and one of the hardest bosses available in the game.

Attacks Edit

Lunge Edit

The Guardian lunges forward in a fast attack, dealing damage in front and around its sides. At the tip of the blade, there is a fire explosion dealing severe damage and stunning.

Wide Swing Edit

After a charge-up, swings in a wide arc around itself. The damage reaches around very far, almost to the Guardian's back. The safest place to stand during this attack is near where the Guardian holds his weapon when charging up. Also sometimes creates three bolts of flame which fly forward and hit heroes.

Fire Strike Edit

After a chargeup, creates a fire nova around the Guardian and many fire nodes at random points around it. The fire nodes detonate after a second or two, dealing damage and stunning.

Fire Charge Edit

Creates a doom effect around the guardian, which expires after sometime and launches flaming orbs in all directions dealing damage to struck enemies.

Lava Flood Edit

Used at 50% hp - floods the arena with lava, rendering about half of it unusable.

Strategy Edit

The slant of the hill can stop the fire bolts that come when he attacks, so don't be afraid of running uphill to dodge. Use a similar strategy to the first Guardian, but adapt to dodge Fire Strike whenever cast. This boss stuns and knocks back with most attacks, so if you get caught at all by Fire Strike, it can chain and knock you into another explosion and deal even more damage. When the Lava Flood comes, all you need to do is keep near the center of the arena and don't get knocked into the lava by its attacks.

Rewards Edit

Flame Guardian awards a Bounty scroll when killed.