Golems are a field enemy in the Mountains

Attack Edit

Attack Edit

Attacks quickly in front of the Golem

Slam Edit

Slams the ground, creating three rocks which fall at random angles, dealing damage to struck heroes.

Super Slam Edit

Charges up and deals a Slam, dealing much more damage to struck heroes.

Strategy Edit

Circle the golem and try to stay behind it to avoid the rocks. After the golem misses an attack, hit it once or twice with your sword. You can also hit it after it misses a Slam, but watch the angle of the rocks first: if one is coming towards you, don't risk it, get out of the way.

Rewards Edit

The first golem fought awards you a scripted key drop to get past the gate. Other golems killed will give you 25 gold. Some golems can also drop a Golem Head, an helmet that boosts stun resist.