The Guardian is the first boss fought in Monter 2. It is the easiest boss, only requiring attacking and dodging.

Attacks Edit

Lunge Edit

The Guardian lunges forward in a fast attack, dealing damage in front and around its sides.

Wide Swing Edit

After a charge-up, swings in a wide arc around itself. The damage reaches around very far, almost to the Guardian's back. The safest place to stand during this attack is near where the Guardian holds his weapon when charging up. This is probably its most dangerous attack.

Thunderbolt Edit

Charges up, then strikes in a circular area around the Guardian, dealing huge damage.

Lightning Enchant Edit

Upon reaching 50% HP, each of the Guardian's normal attacks gains a lightning enchantment. Lunge will now launch a bolt straight ahead. Wide Swing launches three bolts in an arc.

Strategy Edit

The Guardian can hit through pillars, so hiding behind them isn't safe. Instead, try to stay as close as possible and circle the Guardian. After each of its attacks, you can land 2-3 normal strikes with your sword. As long as you continue to circle it, it will miss most of its Lunge attacks. When it uses Wide Swing, stay as close as possible to the starting position of its weapon so it misses. When it uses Thunderbolt, run back and wait until it strikes, then run forward and attack a few times.

Rewards Edit

A bounty scroll, which allows you to choose Gold/XP/Life Essence to gain.