The Hard Mode Guardian is fought in the same room as the first Guardian. Use the shadow rock in the arena to summon the crystal. Despite being similar to the first boss, this boss is extremely difficult.

Attacks Edit

Lightning Field Edit

Calls a field of lightning nodes to appear around the Guardian, which activate after a second or two dealing huge damage.

Lunge Edit

The Guardian lunges forward in a fast attack, dealing damage in front and around its sides.

Wide Swing Edit

After a charge-up, swings in a wide arc around itself. The damage reaches around very far, almost to the Guardian's back. The safest place to stand during this attack is near where the Guardian holds his weapon when charging up.

Thunderbolt Edit

Charges up, then strikes in a circular area around the Guardian, dealing huge damage.

Lightning Node Edit

This attack looks similar to Thunderbolt. Creates a single lightning node near the Guardian which is struck by an enormously powerful lightning bolt after a second or two.

Lightning Charge Edit

This attack looks similar to Thunderbolt. After a chargeup, launches many lightning bolts to seek a hero and deal huge damage.

Lightning Enchant Edit

Each of the Guardian's normal attacks gains a lightning enchantment. Lunge will now launch a bolt straight ahead. Wide Swing launches three bolts in an arc. Unlike the first Guardian, this is activated at the beginning of the fight.

Empower Lightning Edit

Used at 50% HP. Lightning Field now summons a stronger lightning node as used in his Lightning Node attack, which deals around 3000 damage on hit.

Strategy Edit

This boss can one-shot you. You should treat each of its lightning attacks with extreme caution as they can deal 2000-3000 damage. When he begins channeling Lightning Field, don't even bother trying to land hits on it - put as much distance between you and it as you can, or you will be forced to dodge many nodes as well as its normal attacks, which is very dangerous. When the Lightning Field finishes, you should put a pillar between yourself and the Guardian. Its Lightning Charge attack is nearly impossible to dodge at close range unless there is a pillar between you and it.

You can attack through a pillar, so hit it as much as possible when it begins channeling Lightning Charge. After each of its basic attacks, you can land a hit or two. Be careful of Thunderbolt, as it looks similar to Lightning Charge, but can hit you even behind a pillar.

Rewards Edit

The Hard Mode Guardian gives a purple bounty scroll on defeat, which gives higher rewards than the ordinary scroll.