The Living Statues are a boss fought in the Spark Caverns, accessible after getting the Claws from the Dreadlord. There are four of them, with each one activating as time goes on.

Attacks Edit

Jump Edit

The Statue jumps into the air, dealing damage in an area when it lands.

Overhead Slash Edit

Attacks in a line with an overhead slash, dealing severe damage

Wide Slash Edit

Attacks in a 180 degree arc, dealing severe damage

Strategy Edit

You must kill the statues quickly or risk getting overwhelmed. Since the statues love jumping around, if you let all four of them on the battlefield, you won't even be able to hit them because you'll instantly get Jumped on if you try. They have a tiny HP pool, so try to catch them when they are winding up for Overhead Slash and deal as much damage as possible. Wide Slash is the most dangerous attack by far since it covers a huge area - try to get behind the Statue for easy attacks, or just run back and wait for a better opportunity if you can't. Despite the statues activating relatively quickly, it's easily possible to keep the battle to one statue at a time.

Rewards Edit

For defeating the Living Statues, you get the Torch which can be wielded as an offhand slot. The Torch can be used to light the unlit torches around the map, as well as providing better visibility in dark caverns.