The Magic Golem is a boss fought in the mountains area, past two normal golems and accessed by using the Claw.

Attacks Edit

Attack Edit

Attacks quickly in front of the Golem

Slam Edit

Slams the ground, creating three Shadow rocks which fall at random angles, dealing damage to struck heroes.

Super Slam Edit

Charges up and deals a Slam, dealing much more damage to struck heroes.

Ultra Slam Edit

After a large chargeup, the Golem slams the ground in front of it, creating a large shadow effect covering a fourth to a third of the arena. After using this attack, the Golem is stunned for many seconds.

Rock Toss Edit

Throws several rocks a a hero, which travel rapidly and deal medium damage. Only used when the hero is far from the Golem.

Summon Golem Edit

Used at 50% HP - summons a regular golem enemy to join the fight.

Strategy Edit

Until the Magic Golem reaches 50% HP, this should be a straightforward fight. You should fight this exactly as you fight the regular golems outside. Circle him, attack him after he misses his attacks, make sure always to dodge the falling rocks. The only new skill he has is Ultra Slam - when you see this being charged up, retreat behind the golem. When Ultra Slam finishes, run in and attack as many times as possible while it is stunned. At 50% HP, the true battle begins.

Avoiding the Golem Edit

You may choose to completely ignore the added on golem and focus on destroying the Magic Golem only. The risk of this strategy is that you must deal with double the falling rocks, and the golem often covers the Magic Golem when it is recharging after an Ultra Slam. If you defeat the Magic Golem, then the regular golem dies.

Killing the Golem Edit

Killing the golem will make the rest of the fight after defeating it trivial, but mean that you have to take the time to defeat it while the Magic Golem is ignored. Since the normal golem has much less HP than the boss and the golem does not get re-summoned, it is probably worth it to focus on killing it.

Whichever way you choose to fight it, you will probably have to retreat often while the 6 rocks fall and cover so much area. When you do, you will face the Magic Golem's other new skill - Rock Toss. It will throw an incredibly fast rock at you, which stuns if it hits. Try to run across the Magic Golem, not away from it so you don't get struck. After throwing three rocks, the attack is done and you can get a few hits in on either the golem or the Magic Golem.

Rewards Edit

You will get a special key as reward as well as a bounty scroll. The key unlocks the gate outside the Dreadlord's fighting arena.