The Player Shadow is the second stage of the final boss in the game. It is similar to the first boss, with a few bonus skills and more Armor. After the first boss dies, it will be resurrected with a Life Pendant.

Attacks Edit

Attack Edit

A simple attack in front with its weapon.

Dark Attack Edit

An attack that afflicts the player with Curse.

Spin Attack Edit

Spins forward, dealing damage in a circle.

Charge Attack Edit

A blue aura appears around the boss while he charges up. When released, he rushes the player and executes many Leap Attacks

Leap Attack Edit

The boss rushes the player with a leaping slam attack. This follows the player if he uses dive (F + E)

Bladestorm Edit

After a short charge, rushes forward with a spin attack that covers a huge area.

Life Pendant Edit

The boss uses a Life Pendant similar to the player's. This has the effect of High Heal and Divine Sword. Also it is sped up with Wisp Amulet.

Strategy Edit

This fight is very similar to the first phase, though it may seem harder at first. It only really has one new attack, the Bladestorm. In order to dodge this, you need to dive away before it's coming. It's typically used three times in a row, so prepare to dive three times to escape it. Since the fight usually begins with Bladestorm or Leap Attack, get far away before the fight begins (while the shadow is resurrecting)

He also uses many more Leap Attacks than in the first fight. Use the same strategy to dodge. Since the animation ofr Bladestorm and Charge Attack is the same, prepare as if every one is a Bladestorm and get far away. If it turns out to be a Charge Attack, it can be easily dodged with Sprint. Do not use dive to escape Charge Attack this time, but treat it just like a normal Leap Attack.

Other than that, use the exact same strategy. Wait for it to use its spin combo and hit it 2-3 times.

Rewards Edit