The Revenant is a Poison-based boss found in the dungeon. You must use the claw to access it.

Attacks Edit

Attack Edit

Attacks in front of the Revenant and stuns struck heroes

Poison Nova Edit

Charges and releases a blast of poison around the Revenant and sends slow-moving poison orbs out in all angles

Poison Trap Edit

Lays invisible poison traps in the ground which deal severe damage if activated.

Seeking Sphere Edit

Launches an accelerating sphere after a hero, which creates a poison trap when expires.

Sphere Arc Edit

Launches 3 spheres in an arc which create poison traps when they expire.

Strategy Edit

You must keep your distance all the time when you're not entirely sure that you can attack it. Only attack it when it's using its basic attack. Poison Nova charges quickly and deals brutal damage if it hits, so you should back off whenever he starts the animation. Seeking Sphere will easily hunt you down, even with sprint, if you get too close. Other than that, make sure to have Torch equipped so you can see the poison traps, otherwise you will trigger them all the time. Carrying antivenom is helpful but not required.

Reward Edit

The Revenant drops a bounty scroll and the Lower Crypt Key.