The Hard Mode Revenant is a Poison-based boss found in the dungeon. You must use the dark fragment in the Revenant's boss chamber to access it.

Attacks Edit

Attack Edit

Attacks in front of the Revenant and stuns struck heroes

Poison Nova Edit

Charges and releases a blast of poison around the Revenant and sends moving poison orbs out. This time, there are two new patterns of poison.

Poison Trap Edit

Lays invisible poison traps in the ground which deal severe damage if activated.

Seeking Sphere Edit

Launches an accelerating sphere after a hero, which creates a poison trap when expires.

Sphere Arc Edit

Launches 3 spheres in an arc which create poison traps when they expire.

Strategy Edit

There's only one real difference between this and the first revenant is that this one gets different poison nova patterns.

First Pattern Edit

Sends out four waves of poison in a straight line, alternating positions and which then converge to the original cast point. This one is easy to dodge; it's short range, and you can actually dodge it by switching position inbetween each of the waves.

Second Pattern Edit

This one releases waves in a circle. They expand to fill almost the entire arena, and move in a circular expanding pattern. This is extremely difficult to dodge. One tip is to hug the corner of the arena, and it's likely that the spheres will strike the walls before reaching you and expire.

Reward Edit

The Hard Mode Revenant drops a purple bounty scroll.