Some content is Monter2 is not yet ready to be released, or leftover from a beta version and cannot be accessed in the current version.

Items Edit

- A weapon called Ravager Blade which is a very heavy sword with damage 900. It attacked slowly and required almost all of the stamina pool to use one attack. It could use a Charge Attack

- A Rifle which fired at long range, and could smash the enemy with a melee attack

- The Twin Knives which attacked extremely quickly and did minor damage. They could be used in a dash attack.

- A Rapier which only had an E attack, but was very quick

- The Giant Skeleton's Axe which had 600 attack power, and the same moveset as a Mace

- An ability scroll called Finisher: Critical Strike which allowed Sword users to charge forward in an attack using F + R

- A Cape accessory which does nothing, but makes the hero look cool [Available in 1.0.3]

- A Royal Cape which is similar to Cape

Enemies Edit

- A desert enemy called Vagrant who teleports behind the hero and uses a laser-like ability to stunlock.

- A blue Satyr with much more life than the normal Satyrs who could use the same Frenzy, and use an ability similar to Dreadlord's dark nodes.

- An invisible Banshee which attacks by shooting orbs at the hero

- An enemy called the Guardian with the model of a Water Elemental. It summoned minions, went invisible, and created waves of water to hit around it.

- A Giant Skeleton enemy which high HP, and an undead commander model file.