The Warlock is a difficult field mob/miniboss

Attacks Edit

Shield Edit

Creates a mystical shield that blocks around 3,000 damage before falling.

Firebolt Edit

Casts a fast-moving fire bolt to intercept the hero and deal minor damage

Flame Strike Edit

Calls a blast of fire around the Warlock, dealing severe damage to heroes at close range.

Summon Skeleton Edit

Used only once. Summons two skeletons to help the Warlock.

Strategy Edit

Separate the Skeletons and kill them first, then go for the Warlock. The warlock will try to predict where you will run to, and Fire Bolt you there. If you run back and forth in a short distance, his bolts will be inaccurate. Try to hit him a few times whenever you can, until his Shield drops. Stand out of range whenever he tries to Flame Strike. After the Shield drops, the most important thing is not letting him create another, so kill him quickly. You can now stun him with a few attacks and he only has 2,000 HP, so you should kill him easily.

Rewards Edit

The Warlock drops a Torch, providing an alternate way of obtaining it (other than the Living Statues)